India & Cryptocurrencies

Looking back in 2010, only a few people at that time knew what Bitcoin meant and even when some people got to know about it, they considered it as a kind of Ponzi scheme.

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been revolutionizing the world economy at a very fast speed.

Goldman Sachs - Most Cryptocurrencies Will Crash To Zero

Without speculating a timeframe for losses in present coins, Strongin said huge price fluctuations in the virtual asset class are a clear sign the market is in a bubble.


Over the past several years, public interest in cryptocurrencies has increased dramatically, with Bitcoin remaining the center of attraction.

Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange Coincheck, Loses USD $530 Million In A Massive Hack

The hackers made away with more than 500 million NEM tokens, which at the time of the hack were worth approximately USD $530 million, as reported by Coincheck executives in a press conference.

Get to know ‘Ethereum’

To understand ethereum, it's better, to begin with understanding internet first. All our information, personal data, and passwords are stored in clouds and servers which companies like Facebook own. The convenience of this system lies in the fact that these companies engage a team of specialists who store and secure this data and eliminate the cost that comes with hosting and uptime.


All altcoins are different from each other and are respectively different from bitcoins. Some have a different economic model, other may have different distribution model, some may have different hash mining techniques.

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