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Freelancing And The Rising Gig Economy

Freelancing, part of the growing gig economy, gives people the opportunity to escape from a restrictive 9 to 5 job. It offers a level of flexibility and freedom. Freelancers have the luxury to set their own time schedule, and work rate and can choose the type of project they want to work on. In United States alone, 53 million people work as freelancers, contributing USD $517 billion to the economy. The growth in platforms connecting the clients and the service providers has provided a massive boost to the gig economy as a whole. Clients are able to list their projects with the relevant budgets while freelancers then, can target the more suitable jobs all on same platform. However there are some inherent problems in this model, as some of these platforms have started monopolizing the clients and the freelancers. Also, the credibility of freelancers and clients is not always truly verifiable.

FreelancerCoin’s Advantages

FreelancerCoin is an innovative Ethereum based platform and enables clients and freelancers to work together, securely working towards improving client-freelancer relationship.

FreelancerCoin is using Ethereum’s Blockchain technology to create a transparent, reliable and sustainable ecosystem. The goal of FreelancerCoin is to combine the synergies of Blockchain with AI while creating a mutually beneficial environment for both the freelancers and the clients.

  • The two most common reasons for failure of certain projects are missing deadlines and not meeting the pre-requisite standards. Also, freelancers may overcharge a client or the client may not be able to contact the freelancer when the services are required. Regular checks will be performed alongside digital signature technology for identity authentication and protection. Clients and freelancers will be assured of reviews of each other creating a much needed trust factor.
  • Roughly 15 million Americans become victims of online theft every year. There have been multiple incidences of impersonators assuming identity of freelancers and conning the client. With blockchain based platform and Ethereum powered network such incidences are unlikely. Unique username and addresses are assigned to each freelancer preventing authenticity issues. Same goes for clients as well.
  • Big projects require co-ordination of freelancers which becomes rather difficult as each worker has his own terms, projects fail due to breakdown in communication. FreelancerCoin takes the responsibility for the clients to manage their projects and give high quality outputs.
  • Most of the freelancing platforms have complex user interfaces which is not liked by clients as well as freelancers. FreelancerCoin’s platform is built around ease of use, reliability and effectiveness.
  • On a freelancing platform, if delayed completion of project is an issue for clients, delayed payments or nonpayment is experienced by freelancers, which leads to disputes between two parties. Freelancer’s Ethereum based decentralized platform uses multisignature escrow contracts making sure that funds are secured for all parties involved.
  • A beginner level freelancer can be unsure of the price to be quoted for certain projects and on the other hand a client is also not equipped with much time to pick and choose the most apt freelancers for their job profile. AI system used by freelancer’s online platform allows freelancers to receive a recommended service. This feature is extremely useful for freelancing newcomers.
  • Freelancing platforms make huge profits by charging unreasonably high transaction fee to clients and freelancers. On the contrary, FreelancerCoin will charge a flat 3% transaction fee for projects.

The FreelancerCoin Ecosystem


FreelancerCoin is a decentralized platform based on the Ethereum blockchain, the goal of which is to protect the security of the freelancers and the clients, while improving the success rate of the projects. The FreelancerCoin ecosystem aims to be beneficial both for clients and freelancers since it is integrating the blokchain technology with AI in order to garner better results. The lifetime support feature for freelancers and clients should provide the necessary tools for creating a more cohesive ecosystem.

ICO Details

Token name: FreelancerCoin

Token symbol: LAN

Token Price: 1 LAN = USD $0.20

Pre-ICO Sale: 30th Nov 2017 - 27th Dec 2017

ICO sale: 29th Dec 2017 - 31st March 2018

Hard Cap: 64,000,000 LAN

Total token supply: 80,000,000 LAN

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