India & Cryptocurrencies

Looking back in 2010, only a few people at that time knew what Bitcoin meant and even when some people got to know about it, they considered it as a kind of Ponzi scheme.

Blockchain: Transforming Society

The innovation supports computerized monetary standards and guarantees that all exchanges are legitimately directed and recorded. In any case, what has put away on the blockchain require not be only a money unit – it can be put to other fascinating employments.

Will the marriage between fiat currency and cryptocurrency survive?

The idea of a central bank-backed cryptocurrency has raised many doubts and now it is to be seen, will the marriage between cryptocurrency and fiat be a successful one? According to experts, it will result in nothing but a futile hybrid. 

Russia to Legalize Cryptocurrencies

"All countries are working to legislatively regulate the use of this financial instrument, and the financial instrument is very volatile, that is, today it has one price, tomorrow another. In order for us not to have so-called deceived investors, regulation is necessary. The Ministry of Finance will prepare such a draft law by the end of the year”.

Four ICO Startups Refund Investors: China

China's national bank proclaimed Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) illicit in the nation, sending shockwaves all through the whole digital money community.

First Real Estate Agency in Czech to Accept Cryptocurrency

The trend of cryptocurrency has reached the Czech Republic and the country has started to adapt to it. For the first time in the Czech Republic, a real estate agency HOME Hunters in Brno announced that it will start accepting cryptocurrency for its services.

Why invest in Cryptocurrency?

Invest simply because it is growing. With the advent of the Internet, many people have started earning incredible amounts of money, based on one simple thing - the Network Effect.

Two Biggest Bitcoin Exchanges of China Stop Trading Services

Starting from a notice issued on September 4 by the country’s central bank to ban ‘initial coin offerings’ to the latest shutdown of Bitcoin exchanges, Chinese Crypto market crisis continues to make headlines. 

Will Ripple Race ahead of Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin, since its introduction has been ruling the crypto market. It has become the topic for discussion at every forum and meeting and has been attracting investors.

Digital Currencies Prone to Misuse: RBI

The RBI worries about misuse of digital currency by terrorists and fraudsters for laundering money. As such it has cautioned a governmental parliamentary committee tasked with studying and developing a framework for digital currencies about the potential for their misuse by terrorists and fraudsters. Consisting of RBI representative, an inter-disciplinary committee has been constituted by the finance ministry to look at the regulatory framework with regard to virtual currencies.

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