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Throughout the year 2017, mining-related ICOs raised US$20.21 million in funding, fairly a good amount.

A lot of new ideas have been popping up in the cryptocurrency market. For these projects to materialize funding is required. Below is the list of top 10 ICO project types popular in 2017.


GigaWatt is the best example of the mining project, although there are very few others. Throughout the year 2017, mining-related ICOs raised US$20.21 million in funding, fairly a good amount.

Digital Identification

Blockchain technology has a huge potential to improve online registrations and identification. Such type of projects was able to pitch in US$33 million this year. Humaniq app has also announced sales of tokens in its three exchanges for this purpose.


Many have been putting a lot of efforts in finding new ways of advertising using blockchains. These type of ICO projects have raised US$49.98 million throughout 2017 so far. This industry has yet to show results but is grabbing attention already.


Cryptocurrency and gambling have always been together. Bitcoins and Altcoins have proved worthy in this market. Over US$69 million has been raised so far. More competition is expected in future.


The associations between VR, gaming, digital money still needs to be understood very clearly. In any case, there is positively a bright future ahead if the ICO ventures of 2017 can deliver on their underlying promises. With US$92.475 million raised up until this point, there should be some substantial outcomes.We still have to see what will this sector offer to investors.

Finance Industry

Digital currency and the blockchain can make current financial models out of date in 10 years from now. Financial organizations are concentrating on this market. US$146.68 million was raised through digital currency ICOs this year, we are seeing some serious threats to the financial sector in next few years.

Debit Cards

Majority hope to see innovative approaches for paying for products and services. Digital currency is very progressive in such manner, yet spending it stays risky. ICOs are introducing cryptocurrency credit cards for this purpose. Another US$183.37 million in ICO funding for such activities will ideally bring some enormous changes sooner.


This specific industry has been a major piece of digital currency. Because of ICOs, financial investors would now be able to help make the trading and exchanging platforms without bounds. These ICOs have pulled in US$22 million investments during this time alone.

Decentralized Storage

In the course of the last a few years, we have seen a couple of organizations concentrate their consideration on decentralized storage arrangements. With the introduction of digital currency ICOs, that market has turned out to be somewhat more aggressive. Organizations have brought US$286.22 million up in 2017 so far.


This is a huge space. Most ICO ventures concentrate on working new and improved infrastructures. With 44.1% of all ICO cash streaming into infrastructure based projects, the future looks truly bright. Nearly US$1 billion was added to such activities, which is a truly significant amount.These type of projects truly require the huge sum of money.


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